The Rules of <br/>Social Media Fight Club

The Rules of
Social Media Fight Club

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Adapted from the 1999 blockbuster movie Fight Club starring Brad Pitt and Edward Norton. See the original Fight Club rules here.

Rule 1: You talk about Social Media Fight Club.
Whether you post comments on industry blogs, engage customers on Twitter or upload video to YouTube and Vimeo, you are building awareness and reputation around your brand. Participation is the fundamental tenet of social media marketing.

Rule 2: You must talk about Social Media Fight Club.
According to the 2008 Cone Business in Social Media study, 60 percent of Americans use social media, and 93 percent of those users believe that companies should have a presence on social media websites. Fifty-nine percent of social media users say they regularly interact with companies on such sites.

Rule 3: If someone says “No,” doesn’t answer or taps out, the conversation is over.
Whatever you do, always respect people’s privacy. Social media is about conversations, and conversations require mutual consent. Before approaching anyone, ask yourself what value you are adding to the conversation.

Rule 4: Only two people to a conversation.
The key to social media marketing is not treating it like marketing at all. It’s personal. And while it’s possible to converse with dozens, if not hundreds, of people at a time, it’s of the utmost importance that you make everybody feel like they are the only one in the room.

Rule 5: Have as many conversations in as many places as possible.
If your customers are talking about your products on Twitter, use Twitter to talk about your products. If they are leaving comments about you on Yelp, use Yelp to engage them in conversation. The Internet is a big place. Use it to your advantage.

Rule 6: No titles, no jargon.
You are not an inanimate object. You may represent one, but that doesn’t mean you can’t let your personality shine through. Remember that people relate to other people and your customers will relate to you.

Rule 7: Conversations will go on and on and on…
There are no time limits to social media. Indeed, conversations will go on for as long as they remain valuable to the people involved. And even then they don’t go away. In an age of almost-free data storage, your conversations will live on for time immemorial.

Rule 8: If this is your first night at Social Media Fight Club, you have to participate.
Conversations that involve your company will take place whether you choose to participate or not. (And that’s a good thing.) Think about social media as an opportunity. After all, who wouldn’t want a powerful, free and accessible source of feedback at their disposal?

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