Facebook <br/>Gets a Facelift

Gets a Facelift

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Yesterday, Facebook announced an exciting new redesign with updated features that undoubtedly help solidify the social giant not only as an innovator of information and content curation but also as a leader in understanding user context and evolving sentiment. After catching up on the latest rollout, I noticed several interesting points that interactive designers and thought leaders will be talking about.

Three key takeaways from the new Facebook: 

The Influence of Mobile. The News Feed redesign is ultimately framed around one major influence: the existing mobile interface. The new Facebook is about a consistent experience across mobile, tablet and desktop. The reality of mobile’s growing importance can be ignored no longer. This new shift of mobile’s weight shows how features and interface nuances that are specific to your phone are influencing the desktop space. Or better yet, the conversation is evolving into a greater understanding of fluid design where device context no longer matters. 

Simplicity Rules. A result of the mobile layout taking over is a less cluttered space, where images and exciting content become larger. And isn’t that the point? Now the News Feed becomes more memorable and intentional. The utility of what Facebook actually is takes a backseat and makes interacting more enjoyable for the user. 

Amplified Customization. Your News Feed is the ever-changing content king on Facebook. While you’ve always had control over what appears and what doesn’t, an interesting shift has occurred. Your current feed is a jumble of friend photos, status updates, celebrity videos and news headlines. It can feel overwhelming at times. The refresh now utilizes tabs like “Photos”, “Following” and “Music” to quickly alter your experience and keep you right at the forefront of updates as they happen. 

You can learn more about the thinking behind the Facebook News Feed redesign here.

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