What Inspires Us, <br/>The Methodologie Collection

What Inspires Us,
The Methodologie Collection

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As curious individuals with diverse talents and expertise working with a broad range of clients, we’re always seeking the next big idea that ignites a brand, moves business forward and cultivates great work and thinking. Recently, we asked, “What inspires us, sparks an ‘aha’ moment, gets us unstuck or makes us better informed?”

We uncovered a broad range of responses ranging from “If I want inspiration, I go to nature, or a book or any of many kinds of places that are not a computer…” and “Clever, sarcastic, biting, hilarious writers inspire me most—authors like David Sedaris, Jen Lancaster, Babe Walker…” to fashion and coding blogs, content sharing services like Pinterest, curated web databases or blogs featuring design goodness, quotes, quips, music and more.

Enjoy the resulting collection of useful, funny, quirky, smart, beautiful, clever, coy, thoughtful sources of inspiration, and hopefully you will find plenty to spark you as well! Let us know what sites you go to for juice!

A pinboard-style photo sharing website filled with eye candy, random information and insightful goodies. Create and manage theme-based image collections, follow, share, repeat.
What you'll see: Photography, art, design, color, video, fashion, lifestyle, interior design, architecture, the list goes on

An online marketplace of handmade art, vintage treasures and useful goods. Friend or foe? Let your wallet decide.
What you'll see: Art, crafts, goods, commerce, handmade, vintage, unique

A veritable treasure trove of wit and writing, as well as a publishing company, based in San Francisco that operates a daily humor website, publishes Timothy McSweeney’s Quarterly Concern, The Believer, Lucky Peach, Wholphin and an ever-growing selection of books under various imprints.
What you'll see: Wit, writing, humor, publications

Fast Company Design (Co.Design)
A design-based think tank, or archive, that offers a wide mix of content, including articles on design, art, music, branding, business, innovation and thought leadership, among other things.
What you'll see: Business, innovation, design, branding, architecture, psychology, music, emotion, web, interactive, thought leadership, technology, trends

A constantly growing database of inspiration curated from all over the web. Easily search, create a profile and save collections of images.
What you'll see: Design, branding, architecture, web, interactive, type, photography

Wanken by Shelby White
A blog by an LA-based designer that frequently highlights architecture and mid-century and Swiss design.
What you'll see: Thought leadership, illustration, design, branding, architecture, photography, mid-century design, Swiss design

An ongoing collection of design work heavily influenced by grid systems. Shows how integral form and structure are to great design.
What you'll see: Grid, design, print, typography, Swiss design

Design Work Life
Showcases a wide range of projects and art pieces from design studios and individual designers. Discover new talent and design shops.
What you'll see: Print, illustration, typography

Big Think
A forum that goes above and beyond a random collection of content toward managing and synthesizing knowledge from various fields.
What you'll see: Business, innovation, design, branding, architecture, psychology, neuroscience, emotion, interactive, thought leadership, technology, web, trends

Harvard Business Review Blog Network
Timely information on trends and thought leadership. A great way to start the day.
What you'll see: Business, innovation, brand, psychology, management, neuroscience, thought leadership, technology, trends

Brain Pickings
The brain child of Maria Popova, a hunter-gatherer of interesting things and a curious mind at-large, who also writes for Wired UK and The Atlantic, among others, and is an MIT Futures of Entertainment Fellow.
What you'll see: Biology, language, spoken word, literature

Pinterest’s edgier cousin. Expect the unexpected: a funny animated .gif, naked people, damn fine design. Not for the faint of heart!
What you'll see: Photography, art, design, culture, fun

Brand New
Ever-entertaining and often biting reviews by Armin Vit et al. on new and/or redesigned brands. Make it your mission to never be lampooned on this site!
What you'll see: Brand, branding, logos, strategy, graphic design, print, typography, web, critique

A bit too aggressively commercial but fun to see what people consider “fancy” or “desirable” in terms of goods, vacation locales, people, fashion, etc.
What you'll see: Culture, art, photography, design

Just for fun. The comical and/or tragic butchery of the English language by our friends of non-English persuasion.
What you'll see: Culture, humor, satire, language

The Coveteur
Features who’s who in fashion—designers, bloggers, stylists, editors—and showcases their sources of inspiration in a pinboard-like way.
What you'll see: Photography, fashion, art, design

Mrs. Lilien Blog
Eye candy galore for those who love fashion, baubles, color, home decor and design.
What you'll see: Fashion, design, trendy blogs, culture

A List Apart
The best writing about the web on the web, hands down. Check out their awesome book series, A Book Apart.
What you'll see: Design, Internet, web, code, develop, html, css

Chromewaves by Frank Yang
Yang’s more-than-10-year-running music blog. Don’t miss out. It’s the bomb.
What you'll see: Indie, rock, MP3, video, photography, concerts

The Bacon Review by one of our very own, Royal Stuart
Mini musical missives from @royalbacon. Also the bomb.
What you'll see: Music, reviews, video, indie, rock, MP3, photography

Apocalypstick by Almie Rose

The Bloggess by Jenny Lawson

Hyperbole and a Half by Allie Brosh

Verbal Vomit by Hannah Hillam
An assortment of wildly funny and insanely clever women bloggers; a healthy dose of which is the cure-all for writer’s block.
What you'll see: Wit, writing, humor, blog

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